DANAOS: A unique cinematic experience

The history of "DANAOS" cinema begins in the early 70's, when the Georgiopoulos brothers built one of the most modern movie theaters at that time. Carefully selected films were screened with the then advanced "VISTARAMA" technology, and the theater soon became the gathering spot for Athenian movie-lovers. From then on, the theater has constantly kept up with advances in screening technology. In the mid 80's, "DOLBY SR" was added for a richer sound, and continuous improvements were made to the screening room, foyer, and image quality.

It should be noted that from 1972 (the first year of DANAOS's operation) and on, the management of the theater has remained in the hands of the same family. As of 1990, Sotiris Georgiopoulos and his son Ilias have taken control of the movie theater's administration.

1997: DANAOS undergoes a complete renovation, making a dynamic entry into a new era of movie entertainment. The modern and comfortable 600 seat screening room is fitted with French QUINETTE seats, powerful air-conditioning and one of the largest screens in Athens. Sound quality is significantly upgraded with DTS and DOLBY DIGITAL technology through J.B.L. speakers with T.H.X. standards. Improvements are also made to the image quality, with the advanced ISCO-STUDIO projection technology used onto the innovative MASKING screen. Underground parking is made available at a reduced price to DANAOS's customers, and the comfortable foyer with a selection of books and CDs remains the favorite among Athenian cinema fans.

1998: DANAOS 1 welcomes it's little twin brother, DANAOS 2 to the family. A cozy 110 persons-capacity screening room with stadium seating allows DANAOS to continue showing our greatest hits, like "Αγέλαστος Πέτρα" (The Mourning Rock) for 17 consecutive weeks!

2000 until today: DANAOS is the first traditional movie theater in Athens to implement electronic ticket sales. From that point and on, seating is numbered and tickets may be purchased by telephone or through the Internet at www.danaoscinema.gr.

DANAOS : The movie theater of great hits and award-winning films

Let's remember some of the unforgettable movies shown throughout all these years

The 1970's: "The Promised Land" (A. Wajda), "The Travelling Players" (Th. Angelopoulos), " The Obscure Object of Desire" (L. Bunuel)

The 1980's: "Paris-Texas" (W. Wenders), "Ran" (A. Kurosawa), "The Last Emperor" (B. Bertolucci)

The 1990's: "Dances with Wolves" (K. Costner), "The Silence of the Lambs" (J. Demme), "Schindler's List" (S. Spielberg), "Underground" (E. Kusturica), "All About My Mother" (P. Almodovar)

From 2000 to today: "Billy Elliot" (S. Daldry), "Apocalypse Now Redux" (F.F. Copolla), "Dogville" (L. von Trier), "The Motorcycle Diaries" (W. Salles), "The Sea Inside" (A. Amenabar)